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Senior Collection Mood Board

Senior Collection Mood Board 

For this collection, I have been inspired by a unique rock that has been kept in my family through generations. The rock, which is a combination of all the colors displayed in the garments, is a composition of four different minerals, sphalerite, pyrite, galenite and calcite.  Sphalerite was chosen to represent the name of the collection since it is the main component.  The main goal was to bring alive the beauty and uniqueness of the rock as well as elegance. This was achieved with the combination of draping, texture and manipulating fabrics such as silk organza and sequin. 

During the process of creation I was looking to show the garments as a representation of the rock but also to balance out the raw look with the elegant drape. The asymmetrical shape, the colors and the texture were replicated through different techniques and manipulations. Both organza and sequins had to be manipulated in order to get the effect that I was going for. I massaged the edges of organza in order to achieve the raw look, and sequins were spray painted, some with texturized paint and some with normal paint in order to get the exact same color of the silk used in certain garments. The use of organza and sequence for the texture, in combination with silk charmeuse created the perfect match that I was looking for.